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Not All Bad on the Criminal Justice Front: Crime, Sentencing and Corrections Reform Gains Momentum Across the States

“Perhaps more than in any other policy area, states across the US are taking the lead to reimagine, refine, and reinvest in their criminal justice systems long in need of reform. They are doing so through promoting evidenced-based practices and rewarding cost-effective solutions, setting a model for smart policy-making in an era of big data […]

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Amherst Drug Lab: “Jam Scam” & FAQ

A “Drug Lab” is a place where chemist test samples submitted by police departments to see if they contain controlled substances” according to Criminal Defense Lawyer Luke Ryan. The Amherst Drug Lab tested samples seized by police departments in Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties. In order to convict someone of possessing or distributing a controlled substance, the government […]

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Amherst Drug Lab Scandal – Spread the Word!

Yes, innocent people get convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, and many are convicted on shoddy evidence.   That’s the case regarding the Amherst drug lab scandal, where Sonja Farak admitted to tampering with the drug evidence.  We have a chance to undo some of these harms, but only if we spread the word. The following […]

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